A lullaby album for one and all, big and small

From Les berceuses enchantées to Magical Lullabies!

Since its release in 2012, Les berceuses enchantées has been ushering little ones to sleep in French. The newly published English version, Magical Lullabies, is a refreshing and musical adaptation. It features the tender voice of a loving father, the talented Amos J. (a 2018 quarterfinalist on The Voice Canada). The lyrics for Magical Lullabies were translated and adapted by Sylvain Trudel, and speak so naturally to our inner child that we can’t help but drift away like one while listening.  

Original composer of the project and fellow dad Jérôme Fortin, who’s prolific musical career inclues bands like Musique à bouches and Marchands de mémoire, seeks to transport young and old to the land of dreams. At its heart, the immersive orchestration of guitar, piano, violin, xylophone, accordion, and double bass, is a serene musical journey.

The collaboration between Jerome and Amos is seamless and natural. It infuses yet another layer of magic in a delightful group of songs recorded at the David Élias studio in Sherbrooke.

The 11 lullabies are now available on all digital platforms.


Jérôme Fortin


Jérôme Fortin is an author, composer, performer and singer, but above all he is a self-taught musician with three albums to his name. He launched his first album, Tout baigne…, with the group Galarno in 2007 and Vers l’horizon in 2011 before debuting a solo album in 2012 entitled Les berceuses enchantées. His experience as a singer and guitarist comes from, among other things, the many shows he performed with Les marchands de mémoire,and working with Le trio des Cantons and Musique à bouches with whom he has long traveled the roads of Quebec. He has released three records with his Musique à bouches compatriots, as well as joining them on two tours in France. Following the birth of his muse and daughter Marie-Soleil in 2010, he was inspired to compose the songs found on Les berceuses enchantées. It was at the foot of her cradle, guitar in hand, marveling at the miracle of life that he began to hum the enchanting melodies that would soon be joined by beautiful lyrics to delight babies and children, big and small!

Amos J.

Following his debut on The Voice Canada, where he reached the quarterfinals, Amos J. has been more in demand than ever. He has recorded several singles, appeared on TV stations around the world, and sang with some of the biggest names in music. Above and beyond his beloved musical career, Amos J. is also enjoying his status as a new dad. Like all dads, he has a deep desire to whisk his two little angels off to dreamland, before drifting off himself. Today, Amos J. is teaming up with another musician by the name of Jérôme Fortin, combining his talents with his musical friend to help your children get to sleep… and just maybe help you, too. Magical Lullabies is a most enchanting album that comes at the perfect time for this artist who sees himself not just as any musician-dad, but one who couldn’t possibly be more blessed.

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